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Our Service Extension

We maintain a close partnership with these providers and act as their official representatives in the Swiss market.



Below are some common use-cases where Fluix is being used:

Project Documentation

  • Fluix is a document management platform that helps you centrally store documents, distribute the latest versions, and manage project documentation in real-time.

Field Inspections

  • As an inspection management software, Fluix lets your field team easily collect consistent data on mobile devices and generate comprehensive reports in line with your customer requirements

Sales Enablement

  • Speed up contract turnaround time by empowering your sales team with sales management software. Sign contracts with no delays at the location with customers or capture their signatures remotely, and instantly submit the signed copies to the office and customer.


typingdna is able to recognize people by the way they type and provides an Authentication API - (keystroke dynamics is provided "as a service")

Strong customer authentication (SCA)

Multi-factor authentication


  • Maintain the integrity of your assessments with a friendlier user experience based on the way learners type.


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