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CLIENTS about us

We Care About You

Our clients are Swiss and Canadian startups
and well-established companies.



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(*) Our crypto code was delivered with the help of Canadian and near-shore software delivery partners that we can scale based on your needs.

"The Mondo Technologies resources were like part of the team. Their commitment was indistinguishable from our own staff, both in the ways of working as well as their depth of knowledge in highly complex blockchain technical delivery.  When it came time to augment the team, the new joiners integrated quickly and each resource carried its weight."

Daniel Haudenschild, CEO Sibex AG

 (current president of the Board Crypto Valley Association, Zug)

"The team's contribution was essential in defining and improving the business model, designing and implementing the underlying infrastructure, in extending the original product, which implements sophisticated business rules and logic."


Veredex Logistics, CFO


"Full commitment from senior engineers was critical to helping our engineering team meet its milestones on time and under budget, and it was a relief to have a team we can fully trust with mission-critical systems and data. We also very much appreciated the team's rapid understanding of our relatively complex project, as well as their ability to quickly adapt to new requirements."

Justin Smith, Chief Technology Officer, SIBEX AG 

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