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Workflows Paperless Anywhere!

Workflows Automation & Electronic Forms

We can design a custom solution for your needs and budget based on our expertise in creating complex systems. Our solution is top-of-the-line, cloud-based and accessible from mobile devices. You have the flexibility to adjust usage as required and we charge based on account usage, with a one-time setup fee.


Our partnership with key SaaS providers allows us to offer digital solutions for paperless offices to companies of all sizes in Switzerland and Europe. No matter the size of your organization, we can help you digitize all your paperwork.




Some history:


In 2020, our team played a crucial role in the digital transformation -  workflow automation - of a large insurance company in Switzerland. One of our key members designed a versatile solution that served as a foundation for a new IT architecture and technology stack, enabling the end-to-end digitalization of insurance advice and sales processes using mobile and cloud technologies such as Azure and Amazon, resulting in a fully paperless system. We implemented a cloud-based solution using for a paperless office on iPad for all insurance agents in Switzerland, which went live in Q4 2019. This included features like an offline/online e-document media library, custom flows for over 50 insurance agencies, e-signature on iPad, and integration with existing legacy systems.


With this solution, we could digitize hundreds of thousands of electronic offers made by the sales team across the country.

MondoFlow Capabilities Overview

workflows in


  • Compliance audits

  • Technician training

  • Waste management

  • On-site documentation

  • Safety hazards

  • Several inspections

  • Job risk assessment

  • Travel request

  • Safety training Verification

  • Customer visit form

  • New hire checklist

workflows in

  • Building surveying

  • Daily progress reporting

  • Compliance audits

  • People and Material tracking

  • Distribution of work instructions

  • Invoice management

  • Construction submittals

  • Technician training

  • Waste management

  • On-site documentation

  • Safety hazards

  • Several inspections

workflows in

  • Repair Forms

  • Compliance audits

  • Technician training

  • Job risk assessment

  • Distribution maintenance instructions

  • Invoicing information

  • Field photos

  • Timesheets

  • Daily planner

workflows in
Housekeeping Services

  • Cleaning reports

  • Timesheets

  • Daily planner

  • Training

  • Documentation of as-is situations in remote areas

  • Maintenance reports

  • Invoicing information

  • Hazzard Information

MondoWAY - Business and IT Services that we provide:

done with local CH experts

Our expert team can provide comprehensive external assessments and discovery consulting services to evaluate your current situation and identify your specific needs.


Our quick assessment approach includes an Event Storming Seminar, providing a holistic view and in-depth discovery of your domains and events, alternative thinking, and positive challenges to your plans.


Additionally, we will assess dependencies and potential risks to ensure successful implementation.

Near Shore Dev Team

Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in executing in a hybrid way important Swiss projects.


All team members possess proficient English language abilities and are conveniently located within a 2 hour flight radius (out of Oradea and Cluj in Romania).


The team includes a Senior Architect with hands-on development experience, Senior Front-End Developer, Senior Back-End Developer, Project Manager, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, and Senior DevOps Analyst.

"Proof your Concepts"

Proof of Concept (POC) - a defined, measurable, and time-bound approach to achieving specific goals and objectives.


POC is the way to learn and explore new capabilities, conduct a feasibility assessment of the proposed concept. It is very useful in evaluating and adopting new tools and platforms with reduced financial/time risk. 

  • Setup the Proof of Concept (POC) as  a timeboxed, very specific with measurable goals and metrics

  • Product Design

  • Draft Implementation

  • Technology Footprint

  • Rough Estimations

  • Draft Possible solutions

  • Experiment with tracking and tracing outcomes

  • Provide insights

  • Experimenting with new technologies

  • Risk Mitigation

IT Consulting

Executive Support

  • Executive Strategy and Culture Change Impact

  • Transformation Programs

  • Identify key performance indicators

  • Customer Centricity approach

  • Adoption Scenarios

  • Expert Advice

  • Current Technology Landscapes

IT Development Support

  • Setup IT Tools

  • Development Toolset

  • Cloud Infrastructure Selection

  • Increase velocity and quality of deliverables

  • DevOps/Pipelines

  • Testing/Load Performance

  • Lesson Learned

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