Mondo IT Guides help take your vision forward


Quick Assessment via Event Storming Seminar

  • Big Picture and Discovery

  • Domains & Events

  • Alternative Thinking

  • Positive challenge your plans

  • Dependencies and risks

Near Shore Dev Team

  1.  team with Swiss projects experience

  2.  very good English skills

  3.  1.5hr flight away

  • Senior Architect with hands-on development experience

  • Senior Front End Developer

  • Senior Backend Developer

  • Project Manager 

  • Senior QA Analyst

  • Senior DEVops analyst


POC is the way to learn and explore new capabilities, conduct a feasibility assessment of the proposed concept. It is very useful in evaluating and adopting new tools and platforms with reduced financial/time risk. 

  • Setup the Proof of Concept (POC) as  a timeboxed, very specific with measurable goals and metrics

  • Product Design

  • Draft Implementation

  • Technology Footprint

  • Rough Estimations

  • Draft Possible solutions

  • Experiment with tracking and tracing outcomes

  • Provide insights

  • Experimenting with new technologies

  • Risk Mitigation

IT Consulting

Executive Support

  • Executive Strategy and Culture Change Impact

  • Transformation Programs

  • Identify key performance indicators

  • Customer Centricity approach

  • Adoption Scenarios

  • Expert Advice

  • Current Technology Landscapes

IT Development Support

  • Setup IT Tools

  • Development Toolset

  • Cloud Infrastructure Selection

  • Increase velocity and quality of deliverables

  • DevOps/Pipelines

  • Testing/Load Performance

  • Lesson Learned