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Workflow Automation

We have implemented live flow automation in multiple engagements. Allow us to showcase our capabilities.  Our solutions address the common pain-points of both office and field teams, allowing them to deliver faster and gather secure, reliable data while maintaining safety and compliance as top priorities. In short, our workflow automation is easy to use.

Please reach out to paul[at] for a demonstration


Our team based in a nearby location in Romania successfully completed Blockchain projects both in Zug and internationally.


If you are interested in learning more about these projects, please contact us.


Digitalization Engagements

In recent years, we have undertaken several digitalization projects at both large organizations and startups.


Custom Made Software to Suit Your Needs

  • Over the past two decades, we have had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and locations around the world. Our extensive track record of accomplishments is a testament to our expertise.

  • Contact us for your next project.

Blockchain Engagements

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